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Changes they be coming to this blog

The Phytophactor passed the 900th blog millstone (sp.?) a short time back (this is post #918), just some three and a half years after its inception as a fiercely independent, no money accepted from anyone (and sadly none was ever offered), stand alone, is-anyone-out-there blog. But after a very slow start things have changed. It took almost 2 years before the average readership per month pushed beyond 1000. By my third anniversary the average readership had pushed beyond 3000 per month, and now just six months later, the readership is flirting with 5000 visits per month. So now what? By invitation, the Phytophactor is moving to the Field of Science blog collective, but actually you won't notice hardly a thing (that's the promise). No dopey ads in the side bars, no heavy hand complaining about the frequency blogging or blog topics, no standardized format, but hopefully a higher profile (a promise). FoS has already shown good taste in inviting another botanical blogger aboard, Moss Plants and More. Oh, it may sting a little that such a youngster was invited before the Phactor, but just think of it, two botany blogs! At this point people will just think we're both not quite right. But if they get a third botany blog, why people may think it's an organization. And can you imagine 50 blogs! Why it'll be a movement! We may even hear a presidential candidate promise to return botany to a place of prominance among the biological sciences! So you have to start somewhere.
My dear readers don't have to do a dang thing (another promise). This address will simply zip you right to the new address, and with the exception of the FoS top bar consisting of initials representing the various blogs, the Phytophactor will look just the same, and yes, it probably should be updated, but life is so busy. Now this pending, seamless change over (another promise) could happen at any time. I'm not supposed to notice myself (another promise), although it was almost a deal breaker when FoS proposed providing the Phytophactor with the ignominious initials TP, which while technically correct have long been used as an abbrieviation for a common household paper product, and this could not be tolerated. Several weeks of intense negotiations resulted in a compromise, and this blog will be represented in the top bar by the initials TPP. And so let us see what and when this happens.


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Carol Steel said...

Congratulations! Recognition of your unique wonderfulness and witty wisdom and superior botanical brain.

Anonymous said...

High fives and a growing coterie of botanyfans.