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What about Photinia x fraseri?

Anonymous (he asks lots of questions) asks: I have a plant called a Photinia fraseri and I was wondering if i could get infromation on it. Such as how big do they get, what facts are unusual about the Photinia fraseri, whats the best way to take care of it,etc.
Photinia x fraseri is a dirt common shrub in zones 7-9. Although often listed as a species, this is of hybrid origin and named, like many other introduced Asian species, after the great British plant collector John Fraser (Maybe you've heard of Fraser fir?). While not liking cold weather at all, it will require regular watering in hot weather. It's mostly evergreen and its most striking feature is that the new foliage flushes bright red, a feature common to many tropical plants. This Photinia is mostly used as a large foundation shrub or for hedges. If not poodle pruned it should reach 8-10 feet tall and 8-10 feet wide. The genus is part of the rose family, but the flowers are rather small reminding me of Spirea, but not producing much of a floral display.

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David in L.A. said...

Named for Fraser Nursery (founded by Oliver Weston Fraser) of Birmingham, Alabama, where the cross was made. John Fraser never collected in Asia.