Field of Science

It's happening!

Yes, like little internet elves, they sneak in at night and tiggle with this and that, and there you have it, the Phytophactor is now being published at , and other than a brief tug, it was completely painless. So far so good. On the home front it is happening too. Lincolnland is trying to emulate OK's summer weather having come within one degree of a new heat record yesterday and a promise of even hotter today. And everything is parched, bone-dry; the kind of weather that beats up on any plants that have failed to establish a decent root-system. Several newer plantings are in serious trouble as are the few moisture loving plants the Phactor foolishly, but he doesn't care, harbors. Can some presidential candidates please pray for some blue state rain? Unfortunately family matters require us to travel this weekend so nobody gets watered, and we officially declare this a drought. However on the bright side, the renovated pond looks and sounds lovely.


nycguy said...

Are you really at FoS? I don't se TP or TPP or TTP in the row of abbreviations at the top.

The Phytophactor said...

NYCGUY asks, "Are you really at FoS?"
Helluvagud question. One supposes so, but the little bells and whistles take more time to arrange, so it happens bit by bit.