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Darth Cheney's book

Over the years, the Phactor has developed a healthy dislike of several politicians, and never in my wildest imagination did it seem anyone could ever top Tricky Dick, although Agnew had a run at it. Oh, but Darth Cheney proves that no matter how tall the hurdle someone will manage to vault it. Please understand, under no circumstances will his book be purchased or read by yours truly, there being so many other worthwhile books around like a retrospective of TV guides. This contemptible man will show no remorse or any second thoughts about the actions that he promoted or proposed, and were this actually an influential blog, perhaps old Darth would propose sending a Death Star to vaporize it for this affront. It has been suggested elsewhere that people take his book and move it to the crime section of the book store and insert a handy bookmark with a reminder that international war criminals should be arrested. Let's see? Will a country somewhere ask that the USA kindly hand him over for trial in their country? Hard to say. He's more machine now than man, and he lies and blames others with such ease at this point you wonder if there is any truth left in him. We can be more certain about his book.

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