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Mustard to pump you up!

Remember Hans and Frans? They only want to pump you up! But you don't want to get caught using those nasty anabolic steroids and who wants all those side effects? Well, a recent study has found that the brassinosteroids in mustard, taken orally (sort of a relief to know that), can have the same effect on increasing body mass as anabolic steroids without any (?) side effects. So who, who, could possibly want ketchup on their hot dogs now? Oh, the study was only done on rats, but to have a body like Hans and Frans maybe having a long tail is not such a big price to pay.


Johan said...

The original study dosed the rats at 20-60 mg per kg... That's 1000-4000mg+ per day for the average dude. Interesting to see if this'll flop in the same manner that other plant sterols and growth factors (e.g. ipriflavone, methoxyisoflavone etc.) have.

The Phytophactor said...

Wonder how much mustard it takes to get an effective dose?