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pitcher plant video

My buddy and colleague Chris Martine is working on a project to produce interesting videos about plants as a much needed counter point to all of the animal biology shows. One of my former students tried selling a similar idea, sort of an Indiana Jones of botany type program to TV producers in Chicago, and he was told, a few people like gardening shows, but we don't need more of them, and no one else is interested in plants any other way. Stop wasting my time; end of conversation. Chris with the assistance of the Botanical Society of America is producing some pilot videos that feature interesting plants that some of our colleagues are studying. Here's one about pitcher plants in Louisiana. Clearly the video is pitched at a very general audience. Personally some real close up details would have jazzed up the video a bit, and they may be added later. Let me know what you think; I'll pass along your comments to Chris. But don't let him kid you about sweet tea; he was near Abita Springs, LA, home of Turbo Dog Abita Beer.

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