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Sydney from on high

Sydney Australia is not the greatest city on Earth, but it is a very picturesque city, and one to be very much apprecitated from the correct venue. So here's the Sydney skyline from the perspective of a pub high upon the top of the Rocks near the base of the harbor bridge which costs close to $300 to risk your life climbing up on top of. But at a considerably lower cost, a pub's rooftop beer garden offers a great view of the harbour and serves beer. Here's the view. Wow! What a great view of the opera house! Happy campers, disappointed that they couldn't afford a life-risking tour to the top of the bridge, consoled themselves with beer. Somehow these people are related to the Phactor, but clearly something is amiss. They are way too good natured, optimistic, and happy to be related to yours truly, but the beer, and the view, was good (an IPA).

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