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The Phactor does not condone scientific jargon in general and botanical jargon in the particular because its over use has been a leading deterrent to learning botany, but having said that, it's perfectly OK to have fun with it by posting and illustrating a new botanical term each day at the Phytography blog. The illustrations are often not usual plants either. So click on over and build your vocabulary of arcane terms. HT to AoB.

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Unknown said...

Dear Phytophactor
Thanks for the link and your perceptive comments.
The reason for making the Phytography site
grew out of my own frustrations as a student of botany and then later as a teacher of botany in making sense of plant descriptions. The latin names never turned me off, as I could see the value of binomial nomenclature, rather the latin botanical language used to describe plant parts and their arrangements confused and bored me entirely. Hence the challenge I set myself to make the words accessible by way of the beauty of a photograph. New Zealand plants are just so unique on the botanical stage with 84% of the 1200 native species being endemic. Their often strange forms and our natural light and crisp colors make them all the more attractive. I try and capture the beauty in small things. Along with this comes a close observation, a query, a word for this small thing and possibly a causal link from form to function, a new appreciation....and that's what being an educator and an artist is about.

Tony Foster