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Home Again

At the great risk of complete incoherence, the Phactor reports his return home after a 30+ hour travel day after a night of less than 4 hours sleep. Nothing amiss happened; just the usual clueless, inconsiderate fellow travelers who add so much color to your travels. A few comments for those who fall into to this latter category: get luggage you can actually handle without assistance and that will actually fit into storage bins, please recognize that you are not alone on the aircraft, stop your kid from kicking my seat or leave it to me whatever you prefer, if you plan on asking your seat mates to move more than one or two times ask for the bloody aisle seat, patience is a virtue because everyone there has someplace to go, if you bump into me, trip over my luggage, or stop blocking my path one more time because you're more engrossed in your cell phone than walking the damned thing is going to get thrown down the concourse, have your travel documents ready and filled in before walking up to the immigration desk with 200 people waiting in line (looks really cannot kill it turns out). Love to visit places; hate to travel, if you understand what that means.


Jarred Belman said...

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Eric said...

Welcome home. Looking forward to tales and photos of tropical splendor. We could have used the diversion during the last couple of weeks of US political shenanigans. Lucky you.

Melanie said...

Thanks, nice blog