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Now something for the ladies in the audience

Every now and again you avoid stepping into a mine field just by luck, and had the Phactor found this advertisement himself, and offered an opinion or two, one way or another someone would have been offended and gotten mad at yours truly. So with great pleasure the credit for commenting on this garden advertising aimed at women (?), real women (oops!), was called to my attention by the wonderful women of the Garden Rant blog. All that can be said, is Wow, you've come a long way baby! Now what could they possibly be selling that deals with gardens? The ad, presumably a parody, is for Dutch bulbs marketed by women for women (?) using the slogan: Dig. Drop. Done. Anyone there my readers identify with? Where's the career woman who gardens as a hobby?

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CelticRose said...


Looking at that site is like being transported into a sixties sitcom. I think they were trying to be funny and FAILED.