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Practical students

Students are flooding back to campus today and observing their diverse approaches is very enlightening. Some are very practical arriving with little more than a couple of bags, a box of this and thats, and their laptop. They plan to survive in a minimalist fashion for a couple of weeks and then drag back the rest of life's necessities when returning from Labor Day weekend. Now this strategy only works if you're the odd person out because if everyone did that the move-in problem would only be shifted in time by a couple of weeks. However judging by the small mountains of necessities accumulating upon the sidewalks, the wait-a-couple-of-weeks strategy is quite workable. While chatting with a couple of the move-in assisters, mostly 2nd year students who survived their own freshman move in as well as a year of university studies, a young lady came to my attention as the model of impracticality as firstly she was hovering over one of the larger mountains of "necessities" such that you immediately felt sorry for her roommate and secretly hope she is paired with another just like herself, which never seems to happen, and secondly she was wearing shoes that quite closely resemble these shown here. Now far be it for me to point out that black shoes like this do not actually make much of a fashion statement especially when worn by day with denim short shorts rather than a little black dress, but you realize that here is a person who does not actually plan to move anything herself preferring to demonstrate the sharp distinction between labor and management by dress. Hmm, want to bet about her major? It isn't biology you can be certain of that. "How come you aren't wearing shoes like that?" asks the Phactor. They look and burst into giggles. "Freshmen," and they shake their heads. 2nd years can be so judgemental.

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