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So long, thanks for all the fish

It's a quite warm and beautiful Wednesday here in early October, a day way to nice to spend inside, so TPP is actually taking advantage of being retired and doing house & garden stuff. But then what a bummer to learn that the world will end today, or so some apocalyptic religious group says. Now this is really too bad because all the really good wine was consumed while waiting for last week's apocalypse during the blood moon eclipse. Who knew apocalypses could come so close together, but supposedly it has something to do with the time it takes since the blood moon to make a list of who's naughty and who's nice. There must be money in this somewhere, for someone, but if so it's because there are some seriously gullible people out there. One thing is certain, all such predictions have been wrong, so far, so TPP is still planning on tomorrow.
Here's some planning ahead advice. If you use it, buy your canned pumpkin for holiday cooking ASAP. This year's crop of pumpkin/squash was not so good. The thing about this is that 90% of the pumpkin grown in the USA for canning grows within about a 35 mile radius of Peoria. This isn't a product the Phactors use, so no worries.
The weather forecast is not promising very much rain for quite awhile. This is good for the farmers and the soybean and maize harvest is progressing very well here in our region, but this always happens after TPP plants some replacement shrubs or has other fairly new trees and shrubs to baby as the season heads into winter. Remember, the aridity of winter is often more damaging than the cold, so you have to keep things well watered, and this means quite a bit of hose dragging to reach everything (part of today's activities). Again an apocalypse would negate this advice.
But first TPP needs some more coffee.

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