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New technology for iZombies

iZombies are those people totally unaware of the world around them because their nose is pressed against an iPhone screen, sort of the opposite of a head's up display. It's quite clear that this iZombie epidemic is getting worse, so naturally somebody goes and invents some new technology that enables them! People stopped looking at their wrists some time ago when gazing at an iPhone became considered more convenient than glancing at a watch to tell the time, but now wrist gazing will be taking the place of phone gazing if they start using this water-proof bracelet display by Cicret. Just an aside here. The company is Paris-based, so is it pronounced "se-cray" or "si-crete"? Oh, does TPP remember correctly that secret is the same word in both languages? Still best get ready for some iZombies to begin bumping into people in locker room showers, public pools, and beaches. When will we see the first one?

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