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Standard shift hold-outs

The Phactors have standard transmission cars, one brand new (a Subaru Forester) and one an aging, Toyota sport sedan (cranberry red). You may decide whose is whose. Part of this is familiarity; TPP has always had stick shift vehicles. Part of this is longevity; our cars are driven for many years (a VW vanagon still looked like new after 18 years) so you get used to things as they are. Part is history; stick shifts are great in the wintery weather of our youth. But the signs are clearly there, stick shifts are going to be a thing of the past. But if the Forester lasts long enough, it may not matter, and Mrs. Phactor is talking of an all electric run-around. Of course TPP can still parallel park, on both the passenger and driver's side of the car! Even when taking one of the cars in for service, the younger garage employees cannot drive a standard shift, and they shouldn't be taught on mine! Like parallel parking, TPP thinks of shifting as a skill and therefore considers modern drivers to be unskilled. The F1 carries on the family tradition because learning to drive on our cars provided the skill and experience, and, oh yeah, who has our previous Forester? Unavailability will simply force her to change in a few years, sadly.  Even if automatic transmissions have improved greatly,  they don't use engine breaking near as well as a standard, and they do not seem, based primarily on experience with rental cars, to downshift conveniently when a lower gear would be beneficial, but all electric cars may put an end to those problems as well (especially if they recover power from braking).  Ah well, TPP doesn't have a typewriter any more, and although it doesn't get used often, his turntable still works, and it just came to mind yesterday because of the death Corey Wells (lead singer of Three Dog Night: Joy to the World, Mama told me not to come, Eli's coming, On the road to Shambala) reminded me of some of my vinyl.

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Larissa said...

maybe we should have a record party in the near future accompanied by some tasty cocktails.