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What's the correct vintage for an apocalypse?

White wine with fish is a no brainer, but the assembled dinner party was largely drinking red wine in honor, no doubt, of the evenings' entertainment, the appearance of a "blood moon".  The party took place in a sufficiently rural area with minimal light pollution for optimal naked eye viewing, and perhaps you don't realize how much even a small city produces until you see it glowing from a distance. The cloud cover most conveniently removed itself just as the eclipse started. And yes, it was a quite spectacular moon as the many images posted around the internet showed, further demonstrating that there are certain subjects for which phone cameras are just not adequate, and most amusingly so. The dinner was most excellent, and the post-dinner discussion and drinking topic that was most entertaining was what wine do you drink while waiting for the apocalypse, the harbinger of which was this reddish, eclipsed full moon? The conclusion was that this was a simple matter; drink the best stuff you have because it won't have a chance to get any better what with the apocalypse and all. No use hoarding a special bottle for an occasion that will now never happen, so pass that super Tuscan. While an amusing enough discussion, it remains deeply depressing that NASA, the Church of the Latter Day Saints, and others felt the need to issue statements trying to convince certain people that no apocalypse was actually going to happen. How can people be so gullible, and ignorant, in this day and age?  But if remain unconvinced, then give us your wine, but only the good stuff please. Clinking empty wine bottles together will scare away the blood dragon and restore our moon's color.

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