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Friday Fabulous Flower - fall color edition

Here's another nice little garden tree used for fall color, a tupelo or black gum (Nyssa sylvatica)(but can't remember the variety), and in this case a dwarf variety.  It stands about 6 feet tall and it's very tough, undemanding. Here the foliage is just beginning to turn and it will continue to change until its a very scarlet red color. It's located behind Mrs. Phactor's perennial garden and positioned for a nice view from a patio.  

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Anonymous said...

Ah, beautiful water nymph of the woods. We had a lovely grove on the upstate NY farm, where it surrounded and brightened a beaver flowage. Some of my neighbors called it tupelo, some blackgum. The wood was highly valued. I have no idea what a dwarf specimen would look like, but the common Nyssa of our farm had a striking mature shape, spreading widely and then quickly tapering to the terminal branches. Thanks for a reminder of that wonderful burst of autumn color.