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Sounds like and goes together

Grocery stores are often a source of amusement especially with regard to mistaken labels most of which seem to occur because the people doing the labeling don't have any idea what they are labeling.  Today's example was pretty amusing as it sort of worked.  TPP cannot remember when he learned that plantains could be a starchy banana rather than a lawn weed.  At any rate, plantains are now common place so when looking them up in the store's scanner checkout database, the first try was under P.  Nope, so then you think it's under banana, but in looking through the choices there were "bananas - bulk", "bananas - red", "bananas - baby", and then there it was "bananas - plantation".  What?  Plantation?  Now of course banana plantation does make sense, but as it was priced by the pound rather than by the acre you could guess they meant plantain not plantation, but clearly somebody in their IT department had heard of the latter and not the former.  A helpful young clerk confirmed, "Those are plantation bananas, sir."  This may be how languages change when such a mutation sweeps through the population.   

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