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Gardening shoe?

These shoes are presented not because TPP has any pretense of knowing where the forefront of fashion is, or even which direction it is from his present location, but they are consistent with the blogging principle of "all things green".  Some how one doubts these are green in way but color.  So what think you ladies?  Are these some "flash" gardening shoes, or what?  Does anyone out there ever go any place where you could wear these?  And with what outfit?  How many degrees of fashion reside between these and Sketchers? 

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Jessica M. Budke said...

They look like green flames. Reminds me a little of the fire balls that the Green Goblin Spiderman villain throws. Or they are the green shoes that Poison Ivy, a batman villain, would wear. I am currently pondering halloween costumes for next month, which is the only way I personally could imagine wearing these shoes. They are pretty wild, that's for sure!