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It takes a bigot to love a bigot

How else can you explain Ted Cruise?  He wants another 100 guys like the late Jesse Helms in congress.  Sadly stuff like will not end his political career, but how can anyone even in the GnOPe think this guy is presidential material?  Oh, of course, they're bigots. 


AnJaCo said...

Ted Cruz.

As former Bay Staters, my mother asked me just today, "Having gone to Harvard, how did this guy end up this way?". I could only answer: "You should have heard him before he went to Harvard".

The Phytophactor said...

Ted Cruise - In this blog names are changed to protect the innocent, i.e., the blogger.

AnJaCo said...

Given the lunacy of the right over the last several years, I get your point. There's no telling what they'll do.