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Friday Fabulous Flower - Yellow Alder

Here’s a nice FFF – Turnera ulmifolia,yellow alder (not an alder really) (image courtesy of Prenn, Wikimedia Commons).  It grows in our glasshouse, but TPP misplaced his image of it and was too pressed for time to take another.  In related news. Turnera diffusa, a similar species, is a neotropical shrub and an herbal remedy that functions as a mild stimulant.  But a court in Munich Germany ruled that a homeopathic preparation of this herb was ineffective in treating “sexual weaknesses” (one can only imagine) and further that there was no scientific evidence of the effectiveness of homeopathic products in general.  Imagine that!  When you dilute an iffy herbal remedy to the point that not a single molecule of the herb still exists in the “magic water” so the only effect it can have is as a placebo, which may well cure your “sexual weakness”.  Think a court in the USA would so rule on homeopathy?  Nah. 

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