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Friday Fabulous Fungus

TPP has been wanting to use the FFFungus for some time, but no appropriate "critters" presented themselves.  Since fall field work in under way and fall is a great time for fungi, except for how dry it's been, it was only a matter of time.  This is quite a handsome, although not large, example, the "apricot jelly fungus" (Phlogiotis helvelloides).  Now please understand; these are a jelly fungus whose color is apricot, not a fungus named after apricot jelly, although it might work just as well that way.  The fruiting bodies generally appear out of cracks in dead branches usually following a rain and what with their color they are quite conspicuous in spite of their smallish size (~1 cm).  The spatulate shape is pretty typical.  Found these two weeks ago but now they've disappeared until the next rainfall rehydrates them. 


Rosie Redfield said...

Little orange jelly fungi that have been soaked in orange liqueur make a pretty garnish for a cake or other dessert.

A. said...

fabulous indeed!

The Phytophactor said...

Thanks Rosie! Guess if you eat the wrong ones, you'll be triple sick.