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Humanitarian options

TPP is no foreign policy expert, but it would seem that there are options other than bombing the crap out of Syria because the gov't used poison gas on its own citizens, and doing nothing.  After all what does a bombing accomplish for the Syrians?  Let's see, there are over 2 million Syrian refugees.  What say rather than making boomy thing go boom, the USA launches a serious foreign aid program to ease the suffering of all those refugees.  Why at some point in the future, some Syrians might remember our help and think well of our country.  In fact, if we are concerned about the people and their country, why isn't the USA doing this already?  The answer is that in all probability the fate of the Syrian people has no interest for our government at all and other political interests shape our foreign policy and action is only seen from the military perspective.  At any rate, when in doubt, help people; it's a hard policy to argue with, except for those GnOPers who think people who need help are slackers or cheats.  

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