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Is your garden trite and boring?

Here's a list of garden plant varieties that can elevate any garden to the level of trite and, yes, even boring.  If you have 7 or more of this list in your garden, you might think about finding a garden shop or nursery, or a gardener, with a bit of imagination.  Knock-out roses and Stella d'Oro daylilies are just totally, completely over done and now rank as purely boring.  Even wave petunias are way too common although their vivid colors do look good spilling out of a window box against a white house.  But if you want a plain white bread with the crusts trimmed off garden, well, go for it. 
Score - 7 or more = Trite, boring.  A yawner.
Score - 5-6 = Need more imagination; try harder.
Score - 2-4 = Iffy; Depends on how many and what else you got.
Score - 0-1 = We'll give you one, for a tough spot.
HT to the Garden Rant.

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