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Spooks are spooky

Here's a news item about the "chance" detainment of a partner of a journalist, a clear misuse of an anti-terrorism law whose name is Miranda. Ironic, no?  You see this is the problem with spooks; they're paranoid, secretive, conspiratorial, and they cannot help themselves.  Given access to spy, they will spy. Is anyone so naive as to think the USA's NSA was not involved?  Doesn't  matter really because it shows that any such organization or agency will violate it's own directives when it wants to.  It becomes imperative.  So far all the USA's reassurances and guarantees have been false, so how can you trust them?  Protecting the activities of spooks requires you to lie.  So that's it folks. If you give them permission to spy, they will abuse it sooner or later, and that we are just learning about all of this now because of principled whistle-blowers basically means we're all mushrooms (kept in the dark and fed BS).   

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