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Bad and Ugly

Landscaping is usually either pretty good, or pretty bad and very ugly, and nothing serves up the latter category any better than poodled shrubs.  So the dear people over at Garden Rant really get it right with regard to KnockOut roses.  What you get when you poodle the very over-used, and seldom cared for correctly, KnockOut roses it's not just a crime against nature, but an abomination!  So here is my warning; the images are horrifying!  Somebody should have their hedge pruners & clippers taken away.  Keep them away from junipers and yews.  These roses are not big favorites, in fact they come close to TPP's do not plant list, but he actually has some and they do provide a lot of color. Their care is about the same as raspberries, but this is apparently beyond most people. 

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