Field of Science

Feeling really crappy

The semester begins on Monday, but that's not the reason TPP is ill.  Friday was our last day without any classes or commitments for some time, so the afternoon was used for a field trip to find some hemiparasitic plants (green and parasitic), members of the Orobanchaceae, in this case yellow foxgloves.  The field trip was successful and two species were located and recorded for seed collection later.  But by the time TPP got home he was feeling light headed and fuzzy, unusual feelings.  Tried medicating this with coffee and then with a margarita, but the uncomfortableness just got worse.  Gradually it dawned upon me that this was an illness that probably involved a fever. Yes, TPP was shivery and sweaty, and the medical thermometer recorded a nice solid 102 F.  Yikes!  Later this came down a degree but persisted all night, a most uncomfortable night with many trips to the toilet, each time accompanied with a fluffy black cat who for some reason likes rubbing on your legs while you sit there.  You sort of have to hate purry happiness when you feel so miserable.  Today the fever seems to be dissipating, but the feeling of being tired and drained and uncomfortable persists.  Sure does seem like some sort of flu.  It's a beautiful weekend, and TPP hates to waste it as there are things to do.  Hopefully full recovery will happen before Monday.

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