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How to bring me down

A beautiful, although dry, Saturday is happening outside. What could possibly bum me out so bad?  It's been quite a long time since TPP thought about any of this, but a review of the new book "Kill anything that moves" was depressing.  The Vietnam War was a war fought by my generation; friends died over there, but we all knew that what was happening to the Vietnamese was even worse, much worse.  But you hate to keep thinking about horrible things.  If this book is true, and no reason at present to think it isn't, then this war was ever worse than our worst impressions.  How can TPP not read this book?  TPP narrowly missed getting drafted; he was just a few weeks to young and was not draft age until after he was in college, and then a couple of years later, he won the draft lottery.  Lucky.  Nonetheless Vietnam was burned into your brain, and a lot of people turned to drugs to stop thinking about it.  Still books like this have to be written and read least we forget, and least we ever begin to think it wasn't so bad.  Crap.  It was.

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