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Los Angeles anti-gardening statutes

What!  Gardeners having to uproot fruit trees and garden plants because they violate a city statute?  This is outrageous!  Where is the problem?  Oh, these gardens are along the parkway, and anything other than grass or mulch seems to violate the delicate sensibilities of LA's city councilmen.  Might somebody slip on a tomato and turn their ankle, and because this is city land, sue LA?  Might somebody twist their ankle on concrete curbs or catch a bicycle wheel in a storm sewer drain cover and get thrown over the handlebars?  Want to bet on the relative frequency of these two types of events?  And even worse are cities that say you can't garden in your own front lawn, no matter how neat or how tidy.  Such ordinances are crimes against civilization, and quite frankly citizens must resist.  Back in the TPP's  college days, my college town had alley ways bisecting the blocks, and the local toytown cops were all for "drug" busts, especially when they found cannabis plants growing in these alleys.  A local activist group began tossing pot seeds at the back of properties owned by city council members and other prominent citizens; soon pot was growing everywhere.  Tossing some pumpkin seeds under mulched trees or along parkways everywhere should keep their attentions divided.  Let's think, how to pick the right neighborhoods?  Using the city directory would be a good place to start.  The NSA is spying on everyone, but this is just outright Big Brother anti-gardening and that's unAmerican (or unCanadian for that matter too)!  HT to Agricultural Biodiversity. 


Lawn Care Calgary said...

Does the government understand that gardening, having your hands in the soil and tending the living plants promotes peacefulness and tranquillity

The Phytophactor said...

Well! That's the kind of attitude that will result in people confronting riot police with daisies! Where you from, California? Maybe LA will get a bad as Arlington TX.