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First in freedom - tops in voter suppression

The first in freedom state has been making news for now being tops in voter suppression, and it's not just racial minorities who are the target!  Now funny things happen when you plop a university down in a little town somewhere in the boondocks, a town like Boone NC (Eee,Ha! Remember the HeeHaw bit?).  You know students come there from fer away places, like Charlotte, and bring in them funny foreign ideas, like the right to vote.  And the faculty, well, some of them might even come from up North!  Why that doggone college done messed things up so bad, why this here district almost voted for Obama in the last election.  Now you just caint have that so the local voting board, controlled by the "right" people removed the voting precincts from campus after checking if they could just take the vote away from students period.  Oh, we caint?  Well, then let's just make it good and hard for them to vote; let's make them walk clear across Boone to vote (probably take 20 min), and then wait in line because too many people have now been assigned to the remaining precinct.  Now there's a perfectly nice young woman going to school there, TPP's niece, and now she knows what it's like to be a disenfranchised voter, although she can get from campus to the voting precinct in probably 4 min. on foot; most students would be considerably slower.  But now she knows how a lot of minorities feel too.  Wonder what she and her fellow students at Appalachian State are going to do about it?  People, make them keep those poles open all night if you have too!

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