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Newt called

Wow, is TPP popular!  Newt called.  Who knew he was still around?  At any rate, Newt is angry and outraged, and just plain pissed, and every loyal 'Mercan should be too, because the gumint just isn't telling us the "truth" Newt wants to hear about Bengazi.  Bengazi?  Really, Newt?  This is the hot button item that got you so upset that you decided to call everyone in the USA personally?  Let's see, the FBI thing fizzled.  So what else we got to beat on Obama about?  Anything substantial?  Any issue of real importance?  No.  So let's go back to Bengazi and see if by repeating things enough they change or people forget.  No wonder they picked Newt to carry this ball.  He's yesterday's news too.  But it didn't even take this long to figure out that like Rick, Newt's monologue could continue on without me. Wonder how many of these calls it will take to use up all the money the Koch brothers have given the GnOPe?  That many?  Groan. 

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