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Dog and child abuse at art fair

The Phactors love art fairs, and so do lots of other people, which explains the usual congestion.  These fairs are always conducted in the summer, in urban settings with asphalt and lots of brick, so generally they are pretty hot.  So why is it that so many people so love their dogs that they drag the poor things through throngs of legs and feet such that even friendly, well-behaved dogs are pretty stressed out, not to mention hot and thirsty?  As far as TPP is concerned this is dog abuse especially since an art fair is in not way a recreation area for dog exercise, and unlike kids, dogs can be left home.  Only a short distance from this are small children and babies.  Of course, parents often cannot attend unless they bring their child(ren), so TPP is willing to cut them some slack.  But you see kids running on empty.  They're hot, thirsty, and low on energy cranky and/or whiny.  The dogs are treated better because here and there sympathetic people put down water bowls for the dogs.  One particular little girl so red with glazed eyes that looked like she would simply drop from heat prostration and her mother dragged her onward.  Many parents chose to put their small children or babies in strollers.  This is practical, but some of today's strollers are the size of small SUVs and maneuvering them around people and into and out of small stalls is like a tractor & trailer trying to get around in a grocery store parking lot.  And the rest of us must simply watch out for them, and wait when they block off the whole aisle.  Nothing against the kids, but use some good judgment about your stroller, people; a great stroller for jogging or walking around the block is just plain inconvenient at a crowded art fair.  But let's start by simply banning dogs because abusive dog owners are just never going to figure it out on their own. 

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