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Fried eggplant spaghetti

The Phactors are great fans of the long narrow Asian-type eggplant that come in a variety of skin colors, purple to white or green, and white or greenish flesh.  Fortunately, although late, the eggplant have been producing, and when we get a goodly number our favorite way of eating through them is to make fried eggplant spaghetti.  For these small eggplant, we generally plan on at least two eggplant per person.  Peel and cut eggplant into eight "fingers".  We usually will toss them in an egg wash (a beaten egg thinned with a tablespoon of water) and then coat then with cracker or bread crumbs into which some seasoning salt has been added.  These are deep fat fried until golden brown.  Drain them on paper toweling and keep warm in the oven.  Top your sphagetti with a tomato sauce, a basic basil tomato sauce goes particularly well, cover with pieces of fried eggplant, and generously sprinkle with grated parmesan-romano cheese and some shredded fresh basil.  We often serve this for a meatless meal.  Even people who say they aren't particularly fond of eggplant like this dish. 

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