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Largest scratching post ever

This couch is actually a piece of functional art by France's Mathieu Mercier as shown at Galerie Mehdi Chouarkri.  The idea is simple, you get the bracket and then set whatever you want upon it.  As shown here with 2 roles of tangerine carpet, you get a couch.  A reviewer says, "I'm convinced that the more unsellably hideous the carpet, the better it would look on Mercier's bench, providing an endless demand for textile designers' mistakes", a sort of back-handed green washing.  But it's hard to argue with the main contention; try to imagine this color carpet looking good on any floor in any room.  However, without even reading one tiddle of the piece, TPP's first thought upon looking at this is that someone has made the biggest cat scratching post and piece of feline lounge furniture ever, no question, no doubt.  It's hard enough to try to convince the kitty girls that not everything, especially the living room couch, is a scratching post, but this would be a total non-starter in terms of cat discipline.  Actually the two cats presently possessing our house are pretty good girls.  Mostly they use the carpets (wake-up, yawn, stretch, scratch), and that's exactly why they would just totally, absolutely adore this couch.  And cat color vision is skewed to the other end of the spectrum, so this jarring tangerine would be perceived as a mid-shade of gray. 

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