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How many hosta?

No this isn't really a quiz because someone would have to know the answer, and it isn't going to be TPP doing the counting.  A long time ago someone planted quite a few hosta along about 60 feet of our garden's border with the front sidewalk underneath some old spruce trees. These are your plain old, moderately large "plantain" hosta, each and everyone the same.  They are tough as nails and during their flowering they make a pretty spectacular drift of blue flowers.  You don't have to worry about them, you don't have to baby them, you don't have to do hardly anything but cut off the old bloom stalks, and yet they flower like this each and every year.  Pretty hard to complain about that, eh? Now is it hosta (pl.) or hostas? 

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JaneB said...

No slug problems?? If so, you lucky person - I'd trade slugs for bunbuns any day.