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Accouterments for the perfect garden

Don't you just love funky things for your garden?  This fish water spigot is something TPP would love to have although not quite certain what it would be used for.  Let's say, it's an attractive concept for a garden feature.  Quite a number of spigots have animals or flowers as on-off handles, but spigots where the water gurgles from a fish's mouth, those are not common.  This one looks pretty old, but TPP would settle for a brass replicate.  Anyone seen anything like this anywhere?  These are close, but not quite the same, and no price information provided (duh-oh!  cost alert!).  Also who wouldn't want an elephant down spout diverter?  TPP still hasn't found one of these, but it would be a pretty funky addition to my garden. Wouldn't these just be the perfect things to add some class to your garden too?  Now of course these may not be for everyone.  A recent visit to a slightly spooky upscale neighborhood (Stepford Heights?  Harper Valley? Wisteria Lane?) reminded me of what it's like to live surrounded by overly-tidy, overly-pruned cookie cutter yards and off-the-shelf landscaping where obviously a list of OK things (definitely Bradford pear) and not OK things (you have to use landscaping to hide your tomatoes) exists and where all the lawns are attempting to be perfect monocultures of diagnonally mowed grass!  Gomez Adams would have appreciated my reaction. The horror of it all!  TPP was warned to keep his lawn and garden opinions to himself.  After drinks we escaped! 

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