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Winter storm approaching

Our first winter storm of the season is approaching and should arrive just about when TPP starts his walk home, and just in time for the Chi-town evening rush hour.  As mentioned before this will set some new records.  December 20th is the latest day ever for the 1st measurable snow fall in Chi-town beating the old record of December 16th making it something like 290 days between measurable snowfalls.  The snow and cold are not actually the problem, but here in the great mid-west this kind of weather always come with wind.  Snow falls are seldom the nice, pretty things you think of; they're howling nast things with a wind chill factor of epic proportions. One great mental lapse had us out in Chi-town on a single digit night with a -50 degree chill factor!  It hurt.  Hmm, in the time it has taken, about 3 hours, since this blog entry began and now, the storm is actually here and white stuff is coming down.  So two new records: long time without any measurable snow fall and latest date for the 1st snow fall.  No surprise then that 2012 will headed toward the warmest year on average since the records have been kept.

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