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The best mango?

TPP is blogging while eating some lunch and being careful not to spill soup into the keyboard, again.  But the best part of today's is an ataulfo mango.  These are simply the best mango we get in our markets, period.  There are of course a lot of different mangoes, and TPP is no expert, but among the dozen or so varieties that he has sampled, mostly in the tropics, the ataulfo is simply the best.  The fruit is a bit longer and narrower, sort of kidney shaped, and with a thinner pit than the usual varieties you see in North America, at least in the more civilized parts that get mangoes in their markets.  They turn a nice lemony yellow when ripe, but mangoes are at their best just under ripe when the flesh gives ever so slightly when given a firm squeeze.  The flesh is virtually non-fibrous right down to the pit and it has a very smooth texture.  The taste is sublime, a robust, sweet-tart tropical mango fruitiness you just don't get from any other fruit.  If you've never ever tried a mango from a market, and you see these, do give them a try.  They are TPP endorsed.  Hey, growers and marketers, you are welcome, and you can show your appreciation by arranging for TPP to get a regular supply. 

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susannah said...

I'm pretty sure moving to a place where these are routinely available has changed my life.