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Final exams graded

It's 4:35 pm on Thursday of final exam week, and the exams are graded a whole day early!  Results were generally better than expected, but this was not universal.  Still almost all students are doing better now than they were at the beginning of the semester.  As always the best are quite impressive and that's sort of the whole point; eventually the world wants to know who these people are.  The final grading will have to wait until tomorrow.  Lots of lab portfolios (reports are so last decade) to wade through, and again the best of them are very impressive.  Too many are still rather linear thinkers and they don't grasp the concept of how you demonstrate your learning by interrelating materials.  This will require fresh eyes of the morning.  Time to depart because events (The F1 got a new much desired job!) demand a bit of celebration.  All of this would have been done earlier, but helping a group of master naturalists with a floristic inventory project consumed the morning.  So you see as soon as one group of students departs, another group moves right in. But, hey, that's the job TPP does. 


Laurent said...

I quite like the "inter-relation" line. It's really where you can draw a line with comfidence.

"- How do you manage to get so good grades at Plant Biology Class? A friend of mine said.
- Easy! If you give the teacher back with the examples (s)he gave, you only make him/her feel you learned your lessons. But if you give different examples, you demonstrate you actually understand it..."

Amazingly, that's also the way I messed up with zoology classes, especially with regard to molecular developmental genetics stuff. The irony is I was right to some degree, but it wasn't proved before a few years after the exam. So I was both fairly but unjustly misgraded on that. :)

Jenn said...

New job!