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A Saturday Slowdown

What a strange day!  The Phactors don't actually have anything on their activity schedule, and of course, not much in the way of gardening going on, although the post Christmas flood of gardening catalogs has started arriving along with their promisory pictures, so we find ourselves sitting here at the breakfast table along with the kitty girls watching birds, drinking coffee, and chatting with siblings around the country.  Such days are rare, but on occasion welcome, so we plan to pamper ourselves a bit.  A dinner has been planned centered around a new recipe for peppered pork and pears.  A lot of cooking was done leading up to Christmas leaving awash in cookies and Italian meal leftovers, neither a bad thing, but it's our other favorite activity after gardening.  A nice cedar bench awaits in the basement for some needed repair.  Keeping a long-haired kitty out of wood glue is an interesting challenge when she's trying so hard to be helpful.  Ah, a sister-in-law who teaches special education in CT not too far from Newtown is telling us how terrible it really was, worse than what people saw in the papers, and how huge the impact was on the survivors some of which may suffer from PTSD.  Dreadful.  Perhaps we'll treat ourselves to a movie on a big screen something we don't do all that often.  So if your life is more interesting than this, well, tell us in the comments.

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