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D'oh! Dough!

Another cold, wet, miserable day, and  TPP finds himself again blogging instead of ticking items off his honey-do list.  Item one is to mix up cookie dough so Mrs. Phactor, F1, and foreign student can do the fun part of cutting out and decorating the cookies.  Good thing it's going to take some time for the butter to soften up.  The cut out cookies are another of my Mother's recipes; she was a very accomplished cookie maker, which is perhaps why TPP is the primary cookie maker.  Foreign students always enjoy making cookies probably because homemade is just not something you get when far from home.  In years when the guest decorators were from Thailand or the 4-letter African countries (Mali, Togo, Chad - all at the same time), it was very amusing because they lack the preconceived notions about basic things like the color of Santa Claus' suit.  Their sense of design and color combinations were quite different at times such that many cookies took on a Mardi Gras visual flavor.  But this does bring up an important idea about holidays in general; they are better when shared with friends, neighbors, and guests.  Later the ladies and kitty-girls will all decorate our tree.  Last year only one or two little ornaments were broken while doing double duty as cat toys.  Everyone enjoys things in different ways.  Now if TPP wants to enjoy the rest of the day, he's better find that list.

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