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Life is tough all over

Things are tough all over!  And particularly in this season, you hate to hear stories of peoples' economic woes that break your heart, so how can anyone even think of raising taxes on the richest few percent of people in the USA to help improve income for the federal budget?  You just haven’t thought about all the problems of having that much money.  Rich people in Newport Beach already have an onerous taxation problem.  Imagine the nerve of the city to charge dock owners a fee for mooring their yachts or sail boats on public water ways maintained by the city, and probably the Army Corps of Engineers!  Why in some cases the mooring fee is going up 3000%!  After all you pay way upwards of a quarter of a million for a boat, sort of an entry level scow, and then the city taxes you for the linear feet of dock space you need at a fair market value.  How unfair is that?  Can you imagine having to payon average $700-$900 a year for a place to park your basic necessity of life, your big-ass boat?  It costs more than that to park a car in Chi-town for a year! This recalls an old adage, if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it.  But who are we kidding here?  These are big expensive toys are moored in front of some of the priciest real estate in the country, and these job creators are bitching about a few hundred dollars to keep their harbour dredged out.  The other 95% of the country, especially us residents of the great midwest, just don’t understand how hard life is in Newport Beach.  After all we're talking about the cost of maybe 3 or 4 cases of decent wine.   

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