Field of Science


EXTERMINATE!  EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!  If you have no idea what this means or who says it, or the significance of this police box, then just stop here because the rest of this will be meaningless, and we must suspect that you have only recently emerged from the cave you have been living in these past few decades.  But if you know the difference between Cybermen and Solarians, then this is important stuff.  Yes, you can get the complete list of Dr. Who villains and how many times they've appeared in the series.  How else can you possibly hope to retain your scifi geek credentials if you don't download this data?  How fondly TPP remembers his Tardis coffee mug where the heat of the coffee caused the Tardis, disguised as a British police call box, to dematerialize.  You're welcome, of course.

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