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TPP is proposing a new scientific term “Brounian movement” – the directional movement of science from its current state of knowledge to that of the dark ages.  Now the fact that Paul Broun thinks evolution is a “lie straight from the pit of hell”, thereby making biologists such as myself demons spreading Satan’s message, is no big deal because every culture has its atavistic knee-biters, but this fellow is a Republican (no surprise here) congressman, running unopposed for re-election, and here my fellow residents of the world it gets worse, and for this TPP feels the need to apologize for our culture, not because of what it is, but for the undue influence it has on other citizens of the world, because this guy and a bunch of other Bible beaters are members of the House Committee on Science and Technology.  Yes, about 25% of this committee are religious fundamentalists who deny science.  Sorry, world.  People in the USA put foxes in charge of chickens.  One of the problems with our culture is a deep seated anti-intellectualism that thinks good-old-boy street smarts is just as valid as science.  So please, do not look to the USA for much leadership, for much creativity, for much forward thinking, because just as in other countries that we too often denigrate, way too many of our citizens would sell democracy down the river for a theocracy, so long as it was their theology.  What do you say to people who say evolution is a lie straight from the pits of hell?  TPP can think of nothing that would make an impression on such a mind set.  Along with my colleagues we set down the botanical perspective on evolution.  What part does Congressman Broun think is a lie?  Natural selection?  That’s only been demonstrated a few thousands of times.  Do they think descent with modification is a lie?  Then why does every data set, all kinds of fossil data, and all kinds of developmental studies seem to fit with descent with modification?  And as for the Earth only being 6000 years old, well good luck with that one.  Broun claims that as a scientist, something he isn’t although he has science degrees, he has seen evidence of a young Earth.  Want to bet?  The only geologists that might agree also think the Earth is flat.  In fact so much evidence exists it is perfectly reasonable to say that people like Broun are cranks, people who stubbornly refuse to acknowledge that science knows anything, until he needs an antibiotic.  So sorry, my fellow citizens of Earth.  The USA may well be letting you down in the area of science, not that there are many shining examples of really scientifically literate countries elsewhere around the world.  Religion holds such a sway upon minds that they are unable to appreciate or accept what is known.  How depressing. 

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