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Crazy bike stuff

All of a sudden crazy bike ideas are appearing all over the place.  So what has we got?  In the biomaterials category, there's a bamboo rickshaw that is rather aesthetic and terribly cute as well.  How practical is it?  Hard to say.  Besides getting a student to do the pedaling is tricky, and unless you've lived in Asia for some time you probably just don't get pedal cabs or rickshaws.  At least with this design you aren't looking at the driver's behind.  Here's a really cool looking bentwood bicycle that also has great aesthetic appeal.  This thing is a fix-gear bike with no brakes, a concept TPP has a hard time wrapping his head around, just as using this bike will probably result in wrapping your head and beautiful bike around a tree.  Still the economy of the design can be appreciated as well as it's furniture heritage.  Lastly, the weirdest entry of all, a seat-less, pedal-less bicycle and somehow you just feel this can't actually work all that well even though it's certainly creative.  Just thinking here from the male perspective, this doesn't seem to be any improvement in terms of comfort upon the way too little bicycle seat.  And where's the coffee cup holder?  Do short people just dangle lower?  Reminds me of the landstriders from Dark Crystal.      


Jenn said...

Reminds me of a hamster wheel. Is it supposed to look like a hamster wheel?

The Phytophactor said...

Huh? Guess it does look like a hampster wheel.

The Phytophactor said...
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