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Gardening and Politics

Although not implying that TPP would be happy with Chance the Gardener (Being There, 1979), in general, gardeners display many characteristics that you'd like to see in political candidates, characteristics largely lacking.  Gardeners know it isn't all about them.  Gardeners must have some patience.  Gardeners are nurturing.  Gardeners know how to tune out the world and just think about things, otherwise weeding and spading wouldn't get done.  Gardeners know when to plant and when to harvest.  Gardeners deal with the real world, a cultivated world, but still a real world.  Gardeners are not insulated, removed, from nature.  Gardeners appreciate the little things in life like a really ripe tomato or fresh asparagus.  Gardeners don't mind getting their hands dirty.  Would not it be nice if more politicians were gardeners, but for some reason people raised as gardeners never seem to have the flawed egos that seek political power.  Instead our politicians are that type of suburban, generally worse than urban, person that treats their house as an apartment that inconviently has a yard around it.  If they grew up in a rural area, they sought to "escape" as soon as possible, although liking to brag about their "roots".  In this regard we have no candidates of any merit.  TPP fears that all of them would need instruction to lay sod; green side up, fellows.  So it turns out TPP is a values voter, but apparently a gardener's values are not much in demand.  How depressing this all is. 

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