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Nobel prize chocolate connection

Who knew?  A highly significant correlation exists between a country's per capita consumption of chocolate and the number of Nobel prizes won by citizens of that country.   Naturally out there anchoring the upper end of the regression is Switzerland, the country that put the milk in milk chocolate (the Peter process) at a chocolate consumption of about 11 kg per person per year.  That seems like a lot until you see the Easter display at the Sprungli showroom in Zurich featuring a 4 foot tall chocolate egg with an entire chocolate diorama inside.  So if a country wishes to increase its number of Nobel prize winners it must simply encourage its citizens to eat more chocolate (0.4 kg per person per year to be exact) to increase the number of awards by 1.  That big rabbit in the back would be a good start on an individual basis, but for the USA it would take 125 million kg/yr in total.  Who wants to make this much of a sacrifice?

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Jenn said...

Oh, horrors! Such a sacrifice.