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Leaf fairies!

Yesterday morning a huge leaf cleanup task filled the Phactors' lawns.  TPP use to rent a beast of a machine, the Billy Goat, to vacuum and chop leaves, but at times you could only clean an eight or ten foot long swath before the 8 cubic foot bag was full.  The problem was that each time you stopped the beast to empty the bag, no small task itself, you had to restart the monster and after a couple of hours my arm and shoulder felt like they would fall off.  The whole job would take the better part of two days and the beast rented for $80 a day!  Then Mrs. Phactor made a deal with some garden fairies that in return for  leaf cleanup, she'd do their tax returns.  So much to my total delight, TPP arrives home yesterday and the lawns are free of leaves!  This was magical and my right shoulder has stopped its anticipatory aching!  You should understand that TPP knowing quite well which side of the bread is buttered always, always gets Mrs. Phactor a compensatory gift just this side of extravagant for relieving her doltish husband of any tax return responsibilities.  This coming year her deal with the leaf fairies will have to be taken into account as well. 

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Beth at PlantPostings said...

Wow, you are very fortunate! I had a little help from the remnants of Hurricane Sandy--most of the remaining leaves blew into the woods! I know what a big job raking a wooded lot can be.