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Fall color to plant - Black Tupelo

One new addition to our gardens, a weeping black tupelo (Nyssa sylvatica - "Autumn Cascade") not only survived the hot, dry summer in good condition, but its fall color is quite spectacular although its still pretty small.  This tree is not as weepy as some weepers, and it will produce upright leaders so you can control the upward growth with judicious pruning.  Our specimen sits at the back of a perennial bed where we want it to be a small specimen tree.  So far its been trouble free and fast to establish itself.  The  semi-weeping habit will help keep its size in check.  In this location our tupelo gets 5-6 hrs of sun which seems sufficient. And then there's the color.  Tupleo's have great fall color and this variety does not disappoint.  TPP highly recommends this tree as a way to enhance your garden.

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