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Wildlife friendly lawns - Not!

Yes, everyone needs money, but in general you don't see money buy such strange bed fellows as Scots Miracle-Gro and the National Wildlife Federation, so you figure a pretty hefty corporate donation was involved to allow Scots to brandish the NWF logo around in a pretty blatant type of greenwashing.  Let's face it, when you think Scots, you think of products that you use as little as possible to be friendly to wildlife, and when you think Scots you think of "beautiful lawns", barren monocultures of diagonally mowed grass for the aesthetically handicapped.  This is even bad if it were a table cloth.  You might as well pave paradise and paint it green.  Turns out my violets and creeping charlie hardly need any fertilizer at all because nobody knows ecological lawn care any better than the Phactor.  HT to Garden Rant


The Cranky said...

Thank you, oh mighty Phactor of awesomeness, for leading me to a website which is sure to become a favorite.

Carol Steel said...

Do we even really need lawns? Isn't there something wildish and beautiful about wildflowers or grasses that naturally occur?

Eric said...

Oh, Carol, Carol, Carol. Have all those town councils really wasted their life energy on defending the clipped sward? Would you remove one more tool for neighbors to harass each other? Lawns are an important cog in our legal and economic systems. You revolutionary, you!