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Party loyalty oath

In Virginia you will now have to sign a GOP party loyalty oath in order to vote in the primary. This is one of the states, like here in Lincolnland, where you may decide in which party primary you wish to vote. The pledge will require the voter to sign and to print his name beneath a line that says: "I, the undersigned, pledge that I intend to support the nominee of the Republican Party for president." What a remarkable idea! The Phactor regularly votes in the Republican primaries in Lincolnland because often that is the only ballot where any choice exists, so you try to pick the candidate who will do the least damage if elected. This is so fundamentally undemocratic in principle that the Phactor recommends signing the oath, but having your fingers crossed while doing it. This negates any and all intent, and carries all of the same legal weight as the oath. Lying to politicians and pollsters is altogether appropriate. Now consider how absurd this is when you think about the various GOP candidates themselves. Think Newtron will swear to support anybody with 2 first names? Sure! How can you take something like this seriously?

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